Mis-Sold Solar

In the majority of cases in order to process a solar panel mis-selling claim you will have to have paid for at least part of the transaction using a credit card or by taking out finance which has been arranged by the Solar Panel Company.

Reasons for solar panel mis-selling claims can include:

  • Discounted price of more than £1000
  • Staying longer than 2 hours in your house
  • Mis-represented Solar PV performance estimations
  • Badly installed equipment / faulty equipment
  • High pressure or aggressive sales tactics
  • Bad advice resulting in financial loss
  • System not fit for purpose

Did the salesman promise: Self funding, discounted more than £1000, high pressure sales, if this sounds like your experience then you could have a claim.

Sure Power Group are dedicated to helping people across the UK that have been victim to Solar Panel Mis-Selling. We specialize in arranging refunds for those that have been mis-led during the solar panel sales process. We’re already helping reclaim £1,000’s for clients all over the UK.

If you feel you may have been mis-sold your solar panels, please complete the Quick Enquiry Form and one of our experts will assess your claim immediately.

How much can claim for? 

You can claim anywhere up to 100% of the price you paid for your Solar System plus other losses attribute to this mis-selling. For instance, if the system was installed incorrectly and hasn’t performed as promised you could claim back the full installation cost & equipment cost of the system plus interest paid on the finance.

The vast majority of claims that we handle involve home owners being misled by the sales person into believing that the solar panel system they were purchasing would be ‘self funding’ or that it would pay for it’s self by way of Feed-in-Tariff payments and a reduction in electricity usage that the repayments would be cover the monthly finance repayments.

There are other circumstances that can warrant a claim for solar panel mis-selling as bulleted above

How much does it cost? We provide our claims service on a no-win-no-fee basis. However, there is an initial set up fee of £100, which if we are unsuccessful will be refunded. Sure Power believe that as you’re already out of pocket from the solar panel mis-selling it would be unfair to ask for more money. Subject to your claim being approved, our team will do all the legal work, cover all up front costs and handle correspondence to ensure your claim is processed as quickly as possible.

How long does it take? It will take about 10 days to process your claim, when your case has been verified & accepted it then takes around 3-6 months to finalise your claim.

What do you need from me? There are a number of documents we’ll need to see copies of in order to make a claim, finance agreements, receipts for the solar panels, any projected figures or sales materials, copies of electricity bills, etc.

How do I proceed? The first step is to complete the Quick Enquiry Form on this page and one of our claims experts can assess the potential grounds of your claim, from there your claim will be handled by our specialists who will complete the process for you.

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