PV Maximiser

PV Maximiser (Increase Your FIT)
Sure Powers EMS PV Maximiser
Increase Your FIT Payments by up to 14%

Have you invested in Solar PV and want to ensure you are getting the maximum benefit form your system?

Did you know that the voltage we are supplied is typically as high as 246V but most of the appliances around our home are designed to run at 220V?

This is voltage we simply do not need and are being charged for.

High incoming voltages can also have an effect on your PV system.
During times of peak generation the voltage measured at you inverter can actually be up to 6% higher than the incoming supply.

This can cause your PV system to switch off on over voltage mode potentially costing £££’s in lost generation!

How does the PV Maximiser Work?

By monitoring the incoming supply voltage rather than the inflated inverter voltage, the PV Maximiser allows the Solar PV inverter to compliantly stay in circuit for longer, preventing nuisance over voltage shut down and keeping the system generating longer. Meaning a faster return on investment for new and existing systems alike.

By installing the PV Maximiser we can help combat this by measuring the actual grid voltage rather than the inverter voltage.
Ensuring your system generates to its full potential and achieves the maximum return on investment and increased FIT payments.